The world is rapidly evolving, and it is important to keep pace with the advancement in technology. Students need to be equipped with the skills demanded by the market to enable them to obtain good jobs and grow their career.

The Industry is looking for talented students in emerging technologies like Big Data, Business Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT),Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, Digital Marketing etc.

About Us


Academi is an initiative by Singapore based IT Professionals to help students in engineering/technical colleges in India to impart the awareness of latest Deep Tech happenings in the world through Webinars / Conferences / Workshops / Trainings /  Newsletters.

Industry Ready talent (IRT)

Industry Ready talent (IRT) program is trying to fill the gap by imparting the necessary skills that industry is looking for to employ fresh graduates. After the students complete the training courses in their filed of interest in the Deep Tech areas, Academi’s CODE will give the students an opportunity to work on their ongoing projects under the technical supervision of Senior staff from Singapore/ Australia.



Academi is trying to address this problem by creating an Ecosystem which is a win-win solution for all stakeholders involved, resulting in a “Cost-effective, Real time Experience” that leaves nobody behind.

Academi will help to set up a Center of Deeptech Excellence (CODE) in the engineering college / technical institution premises free of cost and guide the college staff on emerging technologies/ trends.

Exclusive IRT Courses

We exclusively offer Industry Ready Talent (IRT) Courses like Business Analytics / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Python etc. via online which are well tailor made for students at reasonable costs with certification from Singapore.

We are flexible and design dynamic courses according to needs of college and students for job readiness.

Free Webinars

We offer free webinars on new technological topics. We have a pool of Technically competent and skilled personnel with real world experience – who will conduct courses on latest topics at a very affordable price.

The courses will be delivered via web and the students can learn from the comfort of their own campus. Web lectures will be held full-time on Sundays.

Consultancy Division

Colleges can develop the Consultancy Division by getting local projects which helps College, Students and SMEs. The projects will be executed by the students with the technical support from Academi.

Students will have an opportunity to work on Academi’s International Projects involving full life cycle software development from concept to completion using niche Deep Technologies.

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