Academi is an initiative by Singapore based IT Professionals to help students in engineering/technical colleges in India to impart the awareness of latest Deep Tech happenings in the world through Webinars/Conferences/Workshops/Trainings/ Newsletters.

Problem Statement

It is practically burdensome for students to spend money and time to learn latest technologies while continuing with their curriculum & regular class work. Also very difficult to get faculty who has real world experience & International exposure.

Industry Ready Talent (IRT)

There is a gap about the skill set the industry is looking for and what students are learning in the regular curriculum.

Industry Ready talent (IRT) program is trying to fill the gap by imparting the necessary skills that industry is looking for to employ fresh graduates. After the students complete the training courses in their filed of interest in the Deep Tech areas, Academi’s CODE will give the students an opportunity to work on their ongoing projects under the technical supervision of Senior staff from Singapore/ Australia.

Academi will aggressively promote the students in their IRT portal highlighting their CV’s and achievements sothat the students employability potential will be improved.

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